Our kittens are brought up in a family that they create with us until they leave for their new homes. But even then we want to be informed how they are, we are available to their owners with advice and help. Every kitten cuts a piece of heart that he takes with him into the world - and we want to provide a home full of love for each of us.
Therefore, we want to meet everybody interested in our mimi personally, because it is up to us to decide what life we ​​will prepare for our little ones. We make decisions for them and try to make the decision responsible.
New kittens  (Baylis and Goody - chocolate and dilute carrier) born september 2021 
(information "Litter J" - later) 
Explanatory notes: "free" - kitten is available for sale according to specification - for pet (with castration), or for breeding
                  "pre-booked" - kitten is booked - interested and breeder can cancel the book
                  "booked" - kitten is legally rescheduled by deposit (accompanied by an agreement on the deposit), non-refundable binding deposit, the breeder is obliged to sell the kitten to the candidate who has paid the deposit on the kitten. Future price of the kitten will be paid by the future owner upon receipt of the kitten (documented by the purchase contract).