Litter "H"



    Color - variety

status (rezervations)


male Hermés

Blue true bicolor

available - show breeder quality


female Hestia

Blue colorpoint

new home 


male Harlequin

Seal mitted (with blaze)

new home


male Hawkeye

Blue true bicolor 

new home


male Herbie

Blue bicolor MHV

new home


We presented our kittens at the International Cat Show on Olomouc 7.-8.12.2019.

She won Besti n Show!


Photogallery of kittens is available in section Photogallery ,and Facebook : Ragdoll Richenza

Explanatory notes: "free" - kitten is available for sale according to specification - for pet (with castration), or for breeding
                  "pre-booked" - kitten is booked - interested and breeder can cancel the book
                  "booked" - kitten is legally rescheduled by deposit (accompanied by an agreement on the deposit), non-refundable binding deposit, the breeder is obliged to sell the kitten to the candidate who has paid the deposit on the kitten. Future price of the kitten will be paid by the future owner upon receipt of the kitten (documented by the purchase contract).