Male Goodyer



 Our male GIC Goodyer Milkyland*PL

(Blue true bicolor chocolate carrier Bbdd)

blood group "A"

Pedigree is in PawPeds database

Father: IT*Anysbluevelvet Bordeaux

Mother: Daphne Milkyland*PL


International show:

9x Nomination Best in Show

Best in show Germany - Hoff 6.4.2019

Goody is a beautiful boy and his offspring not only his physical form, but also nice and calm naturel. His first son (litter F - Fellini Richenza, CZ) is diligently and successfully preparing for the beautiful mission of felinotherapist.

Show and results:

Karlovy Vary 15.-16.9.2018 : 2x CAC + 2x Nominace (judge Britta Busse, Anna Wilczek)

Praha-Letňany 30.9.2018: CAC + Nominace ( judge Robert Lubrano)

 Title Champion FIFÉ

Zdice 20.10.2018 : CACIB (judge Fanelli Loredana)

Hradec Králové 4.11.2018 : CACIB (judge Sandon Christiano Federico)

Lodž (Polsko) 8.12.2018 : CACIB (judge Jaroslav Pánek)

Title Interchampion FIFÉ

Lodž (Polsko) 9.12.2018: CACGIB (judge Wladyslawa Wiczyňska)

Beroun 9.- 10.2.2019: 2x CAGCIB (judge Saarela Veikko, Eric Reijers)

Liberec 20.-21.4.2019 : 2x CACGIB + 2x Nominace (judge Helene Reiter, Katia Pocci)

Hof (Německo) 6.4.2019: CAGCIB + Nominace + Best in Show (judge M:Skotarczyk)

Title Grandinterchmpion FIFÉ

Karlovy Vary 14.9.2019: CACS + Nominace (judge Soňa Ivanková)

Zdice 19.10.2019: CACS (judge Eric Reijers)

Olomouc 7.-8.12.2019 : 2x CACS + 2x Nominace (judge Zdenka Heiter, Daria Lukasik-Weber)